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Aug. 14, 2020

1000 Days Sober with Lee Davy (Holistic, Spiritual, and Personal Development)

1000 Days Sober 
with Lee Davy
(Holistic, Spiritual, and Personal Development)

Welcome to the Sober is Dope Podcast with your host, POP Buchanan. This episode is called 1000 Days Sober with Lee Davy. 1000 Days Sober was founded in 2013 by 1000 Days Sober Podcast host Lee Davy. Lee Davy founded 1000 Days Sober angry and frustrated that he had been hoodwinked into believing alcohol provided him with incredible value. When he realised that it had no value whatsoever, he vowed to help as many people as he could see that truth. What started as a blog about Lee’s experience morphed into a podcast, a course and now a community for people who want to live fulfilled lives as people that don’t drink alcohol. In the beginning, Lee was a one-man team. He has since gathered the best sobriety coaches and created a holistic program focused on spiritual and personal development, person-centred therapy, grief and loss recovery and health and well-being. As the founder of 1000 Days Sober, Lee now serves as the creative driving force behind the program, the voice of the podcast and the leader of the community. He is married to 1000 Days Sober coach Liza Lim, and they have two children, Jude and Zia. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. When Lee is not helping people see the truth about alcohol he is a writer, producer and content creator in the poker world.  THE 1000 DAYS SOBER EXPERIENCE https://www.1000dayssober.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/soberisdope/message