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April 4, 2022

Sober is Dope Partners with SandMilk NFTs and Meta is Dope Comics to Donates FREE NFTs

Sober is Dope Partners with SandMilk NFTs and Meta is Dope Comics to Donates FREE NFTs

Creativity is one of the main themes of the Sober is Dope podcast. The ABCs of recovery is my foundation for success from addiction. "Always Be Creating", can be heard all over our more than 300 episodes on Sober is Dope. Part of my creative process is making podcasts, music, and creating art to go on our amazing clothing and with our brand. The Sober is Dope Merch store was created to help us reach our goal of sharing the message of Sober is Dope to over 1 million people in the addiction and recovery community. 

Being an 80's baby, the concept of digital assets, digital churches, and digital music distribution is still very novel to me. These exciting new avenues aid us in expressing our creativity and are producing new emerging markets. One of these new emerging markets is NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. 

According to Forbes.com, "An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos". 

I was introduced to NFTs or digital assets that I can own, buy, trade, or sell on the blockchain, by my beautiful girlfriend Jennifer Ruff. Jennifer would repeatedly say, "we have to get into NFTs". I listen to her and then we sat down and decided to not only create NFTs but our own Comic Universe and Digital Character-based NFTverse. So, to complement the theme of Sober is Dope, we decided to go with the name "META IS DOPE". Meta is Dope represents Metaphysics, Metaverses, and our own Comic Universe called Meta Tron World. 

Part of our vision was to create NFTs that would last beyond the typical collection. We have a 60-year plan of developing our NFTs into characters and building storylines that can expand our Universe. How would you like to be part of the next Marvel or DC Comics? Well, you can, by simply owning one of our Meta is Dope NFTs. The other part of our vision was to create free NFTs that we can both donate and share with the world. We realized that Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies can be very expensive and we also acknowledge that everyone may not have a Crytpo Wallet. So, we had to look for the perfect platform in addition to Opensea that would share our values. That platform is SandMilk

According to Sandmilk.com, "Sandmilk is the first NFT-based social network where everyone is free to share and showcase, display and discuss, peruse and purchase original content. Monetization through NFTs supports digital creators and provides the means to own amazing authentic art in the form of original digital content".

Sandmilk reached out to me for a strategic partnership and I was excited. After speaking to Emma and Georgia from Sandmilk I knew that this was the perfect platform to build  Sober is Dope and Meta is Dope NFTs. We allocated part of our more than 20,000 NFT collection to donating FREE NFTs on the platform. This is our way of giving back and giving other creatives a chance to jump-start their NFT journey. 

Sandmilk is the future of NFTs and they make the process fun, easy, and accessible. According to Sandmilk, "Our mission is to support digital creators with the ability to focus on their crafts and fans, and collectors with the “real deal, no worries,” by doing the heavy lifting blockchain requires for you and making your experience easy every. single. time".

As a Sober creative, podcaster, digital artist, musician, and author I am lucky to be alive and to be able to embark on such a critical journey like this. My name is POP Buchanan and I am Mr. Sober is Dope and I am honored to be of service. To learn more about Sandmilk and visit our META IS DOPE collection please click here to download your FREE NFT and sign up for your free Sandmilk account. 

"It's Never Too Late To Be Amazing". - POP Buchanan