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July 18, 2019

Courage, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Conquering Laziness

Courage, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Conquering Laziness

Welcome to Episode 33/36 of the “Sober is Dope”Podcast with your host, POP Buchanan. This episode is a double header. Due to an admin hiccup we skipped episode 33. So please enjoy this jammed packed episode with extra goodies. This episode talks about the power of acceptance, conquering laziness, the untold truth about forgiveness, and having courage. This episode has excepts from some of our favorite motivational leaders. You will hear from David Goggins, and Bishop T.D. Jakes. This episode is full of tools for the Sober is Dope Universe. We dedicate this episode to all of the creative people of the world. Love you all. - Sober is Dope! 

David Goggins YouTube Clip- https://youtu.be/9tghOH28bz4
Book- https://davidgoggins.com/ 

Bishop T.D. Jakes
YouTube Clips- https://youtu.be/cttUFG86E-8
Website- https://www.tdjakes.org/

Song- God Of Miracles by Chris McClarney

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