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Nov. 4, 2021

How The Alcohol, NFL, and Entertainment Industry Failed Henry Ruggs iii - Victims of Drunk Driving

How The Alcohol, NFL, and Entertainment Industry Failed Henry Ruggs iii - Victims of Drunk Driving

Rest In Peace to the victims in this tragic accident. This video is intended to shed deeper light on the dark effects of alcoholism in the World. No one wins in cases like this. We must hold everyone accountable including the industry that promotes heavy drinking, partying, and intoxication. It starts with the media, music, Hollywood, TV, and POP culture. These liquor manufacturers spend billions of dollars in advertisement attracting kids and young people. The social acceptability of alcohol consumption is the real problem. We must educate students, athletes, artist, and professionals alike of the dangers of alcohol consumption. Alcohol is toxin, and depressant, and can render someone unconscious at any moment. This is is an opportunity to hold big business accountable as well as Henry Ruggs iii, but not to persecute him. Our hearts goes out to the Victims Tina and her Dog. This is a tragedy on all sides and brings immense sadness to the world. 

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