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Nov. 11, 2022

Navigating Early Recovery and Sobriety with Claire Comai of REHAB STUDIOS

Navigating Early Recovery and Sobriety with Claire Comai of REHAB STUDIOS

Welcome to Sober is Dope. Today's guest is Claire Comai the founder of Rehab Studios (formerly Rehab Barbie). Claire joins Sober is Dope to discuss her journey in Recovery. Claire Comai is the Founder & CEO of the apparel and jewelry brand Rehab Studios. The brand and designs are inspired by her own struggles with addiction before getting sober at age 24. She is now three and a half years sober and a vocal advocate for eradicating the stigma and increasing research and awareness of addiction and mental health. Claire lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her hobbies include skydiving–– she recently earned her professional A-level license in Brazil –– and spray painting. She is also an avid traveler, having visited 29 countries so far. 

Next stop: Tanzania in November! ( https://www.rehabstudiosny.com/ )

Topics Discussed: Early Recovery, Rehab Barbie, Alcohol Addiction, Addiction Science, Neuroplasticity, Comorbid Addiction, Stress, Triggers, Sadness, Depression, Rehab Studios, Recovering Out Loud, Alcoholics Anonymous, Community, Relapse, Having Fun in Sobriety, Making Recovery cool, and more. 

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