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May 15, 2019

(NO JOKE) The Truth about Alcoholism

(NO JOKE) The Truth about Alcoholism

Welcome to Episode 12, of the “Sober is Dope” Podcast, with your host POP Buchanan. This episode is called (No Joke) The Truth about Alcoholism. This episode is dedicated to the late Robin Williams. Inspired by an All Star Cast from Craig Ferguson, Robin Williams, Anthony Hopkins and more. This episode sheds light on the serious problems caused by alcoholism. Thank you to “Thru the Reel Films”, for producing this amazing clip. Alcoholism is a worldwide crisis, and the truth must be exposed. Families are being broken everyday. People suffer, die, and are left shattered from this epidemic. Depression, stress, anxiety, and fear all plaque the addict. Please support and have mercy on anyone suffering from alcoholism. Suicide by alcohol is at an all time high, and we have to spread the message that recovery and help are just a phone call away. Thank you all. Love you. 

No Joke- The Truth about Alcoholism Video

Thru the Real Films

Breaking the Habit- by Linkin Park

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