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Oct. 28, 2020

Recover Yourself from Addiction with MartinJon Garcia

Recover Yourself from Addiction with MartinJon Garcia

Podcast Topics Include: Reiki, Dopamine Detox, Inner Blocks that prevent healing, Emotional Stability, Emotional Sobriety, Emotional Intelligence, Energy Healing, Pre-Karmic Buffets, Early Sobriety, Social Media Addiction, The Portrait Method, Restorative Justice vs. Punitive Justice, Energy Transmissions, Gambling addiction, and More!!!! 

Welcome to the Sober is Dope Podcast. I am your host and fellow sober evangelist, POP Buchanan. This episode features MartinJon Garcia. MartinJon is known as the Recovery Mentor. MartinJon is the host of the Recover Yourself podcast. MartinJon is a healer, artist, teacher, Certified Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and creator of "The Portrait Method".  This episode is jammed packed with healing and spiritual wisdom. We discuss early sobriety, why time is not as important to the big picture of recovery, understanding emotional sobriety, and taking accountability on all levels. From suicidal thoughts, self mutilation, to transmitting spiritual energy via art, this episode provides a powerful look into what sobriety means, and how we can use introspection and self-discovery to recover ourselves as human beings.  

Watch Full Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/t-24glqMVu0

MartinJon The Recovery Mentor 

CONTACT: https://www.martinjon.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/martinjon

About MartinJon:

Helping those that are ready to open up to their greatness is at the core of MartinJon's Practice. As a healer helping others is an integral part of his life's practice. His recovery and personal growth continue to be an anchor of love and growth. MartinJon's Portrait Project was the artistic groundwork that evolved into Portrait Facilitation and The Portrait Method. By connecting deeply through creativity MartinJon becomes a vehicle for healing to happen. Through sharing, vulnerability people are free to open up and explore inner blocks that exist but were not have been previously available to be seen. Teaching in a way that allows everyone to gain their own emotional stability is his primary goal. Physical, mental and spiritual health can all be correlated to our emotional stability. The less stable we are emotionally the less healthy we are. With a focus primarily on people recovering from addictions and diagnosis, MartinJon is spreading emotional stability with his knowledge of recovery and his artwork. MartinJon has been slowly developing this new form of psychoenergetic healing that utilizes portraiture. He is always looking to connect with healers, as well as individuals within the sciences. The idea is to continue to work on new developments and discoveries within art and healing.  MartinJon is a certified Shinpiden (Reiki Master) and has studied with a number of other energy healers covering a wide array of modalities. MartinJon has and continues, to use multiple modalities to aid in the development of this new portrait modality as well as helping clients integrate lessons from their experiences with Portrait Facilitation.

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