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May 4, 2019

Sober Healing Power Prayers

Sober Healing Power Prayers

Welcome to Episode 5 of the “Sober is Dope” Podcast. This episode is dedicated to everyone that died due to addiction, everyone struggling with addiction, and everyone that has survived and continue to fight addiction. This is a blessed episode devoted to Prayer. Prayer has helped me to heal my past, and the damaged caused by my addiction to alcohol. Please hang with me and share this podcast with anyone that is struggling with addiction. I love you all. God bless. POP Buchanan ❤️ 

Conjure One- Extraordinary Ways- https://youtu.be/LAsUF6vHZWU
Piano Guys- O Come Emmanuel- https://youtu.be/iO7ySn-Swwc
POP Buchanan- Holy Mary Mother God- https://youtu.be/JrM4i7vvoYQ 

Prayers Spiritual Warfare Prayers- https://www.catholicwarriors.com/pages/warfare_prayers.htm 


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