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Dec. 31, 2020

Tips for Staying Sober on New Year’s Day Stay Clean and Sober During New Years (Please Share) 2021

Tips for Staying Sober on New Year’s Day 
Stay Clean and Sober During New Years (Please Share) 2021

Staying Sober on New Year’s Day Tips To Stay Sober Sober During New Years Check out Sober is Dope Podcast for more Resources: https://linktr.ee/Soberisdope New Year’s is known to be one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. It is common for people to drink alcohol in excess while at a New Year’s Eve party, nightclub, or event. Even though it is a tradition to bring in the New Year with a toast, it doesn’t have to be your tradition if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Every year, thousands of people use poor judgement and partake in dangerous levels of alcohol consumption. The holiday has become synonymous with high rates of drunk driving accidents, and an even higher rate of arrests for driving under the influence. Drugs are also a part of many people’s celebrations for the New Year. Marijuana is commonly used to celebrate, as well as harder “party” drugs like Cocaine. Chances are, if you are struggling with maintaining your sobriety, these types of parties have the potential to cause you to relapse. Peer pressure is powerful. Seeing your friends and relatives using drugs and alcohol can be a powerful influence over you. Ways to Help You Stay Sober on New Year’s Eve We have compiled ways to help you get have fun on New Year’s Eve and avoid a relapse at the same time. Here are the top 10 ways to celebrate the New Year if you are in recovery:   1. Attend a New Year’s celebration hosted by an AA/NA meeting. Many local meetings will host a party to celebrate the holiday. By attending, you can celebrate with people that share your desire to remain sober. 2. Go to an event that isn’t focused on alcohol. 3. Stay home. If everyone is going out, maybe you should stay in. Alone time is often underrated. Binge a Netflix series you’ve been wanting to see, cook yourself some comfort food, and enjoy some time to yourself. 4. Host a party of your own. When you host a party, you can do it on your own terms. Invite people that you met at a local meeting, peers form your treatment program, sober friends, and supportive family members. A gathering of like-minded sober people will ensure holiday fun without any of the substances that can jeopardize your progress. 5. Find a fireworks event. 6. Go to the party with a friend. Maintaining sobriety can be as easy as bringing a friend to the party. 7. Practice saying “no, thank you” to alcohol before the party. If you decide to attend a New Year’s Eve party, think about how you will respond to being offered a drink before you go. 8. Celebrate New Year’s Day, not the Eve. New Years Day can sometimes offer more enjoyment than the night before. You can find other fun daytime events and activities that you may find more pleasurable than being exposed to the “drink-fest” of New Year’s Eve. By planning alternate events, hosting your own, or finding things to do that won’t be focused on alcohol, you will increase your odds of having a fun holiday that will not cause a setback in your recovery process. Reflect on the progress you have made in your recovery journey. Don’t let one night of unnecessary temptation distract you from your goal of living a healthy, sober lifestyle. #sober #newyears #newyearseve #stayingsober #addiction Article Courtesy of Pride Recovery Center ➡️ https://priderecoverycenter.com/10-ways-to-stay-sober-on-new-years-eve/ Credits Ella Fitzgerald “What Are You Doing Christmas Eve” Full Video - https://youtu.be/UFdfzNMV52Q Prayer - Fair Use Courtesy of Richard Roberts Prayer to Free From Addiction Full Video - https://youtu.be/QA2YF7aqgl0 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/soberisdope/message