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Feb. 20, 2020

PSA by Tara Laplante ”Do the Right Thing” 💯 (Drug Overdose/NARCAN/Good Samaritan)

PSA by Tara Laplante 
”Do the Right Thing” 💯
(Drug Overdose/NARCAN/Good Samaritan)

Welcome to the Sober is Dope Podcast with your host, POP Buchanan. This is a Public Service Announcement by Tara Laplante. Tara is an activist, and survivor. Her story is deep. This PSA is a call to action for dealers to stop lacing drugs with poison, and for addicts to think twice before they use some drugs that may be tainted. This PSA also asks for us to do the right thing and report overdoses. By calling the authorities and ambulance when someone OD can be the difference between life and death. Lastly, under the Good Samaritan Act persons reporting an Overdose are protected from self-incrimination. Please make sure you guys have access to NARCAN and Naloxone. Full PSA by Tara Laplante ”Ignorance got people producing or altering lethal dope. & Disrespect got people knowing or unknowingly serving that to the communities. like it isnt bad enough people are dieing from violence. Shit i had people bring me bad shit and when i refused cause of instinct, they O.D infront of me, ya well i called that shit in. did the right thing and i know for a fact if that was me they would have left me there. During the overdose's of 2 people infront of me the apt was filled w chaos and panic. "friends" of the two people suggesting to me we drag the bodies into the hall way and bounce call it in from another location. someone attempting CPR and all i could do was think about why i didnt do a bump i was a junkie at the time woulda never said no... regardless i called it in and saved two fucken lives. when people come to u with ill intent and bad vibes two wrongs dont make a right. There is always a time to do the right thing! - i can still remember what it felt like watching 2 people i dont even know turn purple infront of me while everyone runs out of the house , in the distance the ambulance and police sirens getting closer and closer but it seemed like forever until they got there. after everyone was removed from the apt, i just sat there staring at my hands... thinking holy fuck that coulda been me. i would have been dead and not one fucken person would have done anything probably would have left me there. . . . it is a good scare tactic though.. Hoping everyone Stays Careful out there. Narcan/Naloxone is available from any pharmacy for FREE no questions asked for all First Nations & Inuit covered by NON INSURED. all u need is ur health card and status number. (they should have it on file) also, remember the good samaritain act protects all individuals seeking help for a drug overdose. Call that shit on, you could be saving somebodys kids, dad, mom , daughter , auntie, uncle etc.” - Tara Laplante --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/soberisdope/message