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Relatable and Comfortable

Pop reminds me of a cool cousin that’s full of passion and knowledge who I could talk to all day! Lol. I feel inspired and more optimistic about my sobriety when listening to this podcast weekly. I don’t feel like I’m being preached to or shamed about my past experiences with alcohol. Instead I feel empowered, entertained and most importantly welcomed into a special community of others in recovery. Thanks Pop! 🙏🏽


Thank you for what you do!! Much needed. Love the love and motivational, inspiring messages and interviews.

Sober is dope

I’m on the road of finding ways to get sober or just haven a sober lifestyle and this podcasts helps alot so thank you.. I been listening alday

Great conversation and real helpful content!!

It was wonderful being guest on the Sober os Dope podcast. Pop is a great guy who really is bringing very helpful content to his audience so they can set and reach the goals they have set for themselves. A Must Listen!

Just what a sober-minded men need

I had the privilege to be interviewed on Sober is Dope, and I have to say Pop (the host) has his the target with this show. This is exactly what sober-minded men like me need (someone who can relate to the struggles of not only getting sober, but staying sober). I applaud what Pop is doing in this needed space. God bless you brother. Keep up the great work. I hope I can a chance to return to your show. I had a blast.

Sober is Dope is a must for struggling addicts

I just need to tell you how much you have impacted my journey. I am working through your podcasts - every one of them blow my mind. Your music and your poetry...deep and awesome. I meditate while listening- I have no appropriate words to express how you hit me between the eyes, inspire me, lift me up, give me strength to keep going in my sobriety. This mom/grandma would love to meet you and hug you and hope I can some day. Your honesty and transparency- omg- I listen at least 2 hours a day. I just want to send you love and gratitude for putting yourself out there. HOPE is what you are putting out there for struggling addicts.

Sober is Dope! is DOPE!

This podcast is SO INFORMATIVE! Pop delves into what addiction is, how it coincides with mental illness, the power of positive thinking, and how God plays a part in recovery (to name just a few topics). Every episode is so well done. I can’t stop bingeing Sober is Dope! If you’re sober-curious or want to better understand addiction, this is the podcast for you.

very real, great energy

Thanks for speaking from the community of everyday people.

Sober is Dope is DOPE!

This podcast helped me to restart my recovery process. Pop’s gentle caring demeanor coupled with his brilliant yet simple communication style is a joy to listen to and broke through to me when I was in a bad way with my addiction to opiods. He helped me personally in a big way via personal communication and I can’t say enough about the man and this podcast. He genuinely wants to help people get sober and enjoy the freedom that the sober life affords those who need it.

Thank you!

Awesome content 💖

Voice of the People

Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I'm listening to a friend. The content and discussions are so real. It feels like friends sitting on the stoop enlightening and supporting one another. This is my go to when I'm questioning my decisions. I love ❤️ love this podcast!

A positive reinforcement every engagement

Very rare you find a Real person really trying to help and give back, thanks bro and keep up the positive work bro

So Inspiring

POP is the real deal and is working on himself all along the way. He spells out what he sees and these are universal truths, not acedemic diatribes. He is taking recovery, sobriety and self awareness to so many people. I am so excited to know about this podcast and listen to this man speak his truth for all to hear.


This PodCast is amazing. Motivates me to do better in life. So thankful we have people like this who are willing to share their life experiences and help others. Thank you for creating this platform


This podcast is everything to a person who needs uplifting and is starting their journey of sobriety! Its helped me get through some hard times. I love it. I will be a supporter of this podcast for forever. I hope it can help and inspire other people as much as it’s done for me. SOBER IS DOPE ❤️

Authentic and Inspiring

Motivating podcast. It’s inspiring to hear Pop’s story. One of the most authentic and inspiring voices of our generation.

Sober is Dope!

This is an amazing message for anyone struggling with addiction! I look forward to listening and reading more from Mr. Buchanan!!!

Sober is dope

I recently stumbled upon this feed. As a person who has struggled with drinking and mental health issues due to trauma as a youth, I have to say I love the way you make recovery about empowerment and your topics are “dope” Keep it up and you have a devoted listener... Warm wishes. Danny

A Voice of Hope

An inspiring voice of hope and wisdom which fills my morning drive with positivity and enlightenment. This man is a true artist that shines light on the struggles that we face minute to minute by living a lifestyle of sobriety; remaining present and striving to be a better version of ourselves each day. I highly recommend this podcast.


Sober is dope is like getting brunch with your therapist and best friend at the same time. Real, honest, non-judgmental.


This is great!!!


It's so dope to hear someone open up and share with others like this. Honest and positive communication is key in any healing process. Thank you.

Very informative and powerful !!!

I find this podcast very inspirational and it takes alot of courage for people to share their story because no one knows their struggle, they only see the trouble. I highly recommend anyone trying to maintain sobriety to listen to the host podcast.


This podcast has to be the best I’ve ever heard in a while. Very inspirational and moving. I recommend everyone to take a listen to this podcast.

I tune in every week

This is an amazing and inspiring pod cast

King of Sobriety

This podcast is extremely informative and well done! Love the Host tone and vibe! Much needed in a crowded space. This is work the time! Check out a couple of episodes today!

This podcast is great!!

Continue doing your thing with these podcasts. They help people & I love it. Keep it up 🙏🏽❤️.

Gary V meets Eric Thomas

Podcast rocks. Thanks to the host for being so real and honest.

Powerful, Honest, and Real

I love this podcast. I listen for all the motivational information and it helps me grow. The host is down to earth and real. This Podcast rocks. If you are struggling with addiction, please check this out.

Great Content, Great message

This podcast is insightful and well produced! Stumbled across Pop’s content from his twitter page. Thanks for sharing your life and experience with the world! Grant Harney - Talking out Loud Podcast