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Feb. 6, 2023

Sober Testimony: Surviving Near Death and Addiction with Daniel Spencer

Sober Testimony: Surviving Near Death and Addiction with Daniel Spencer

Daniel Spencer joins Sober is Dope to discuss his sobriety journey, addiction recovery, and near-death experience. #sober #recovery #addicition 

Daniel Spencer has been through hell and back and is now Sober for over 12 years. Daniel abused marijuana and alcohol as a teenager into his late 20s. He has been married for almost 20 years, with three kids ( one “adopted” niece) and ALL teenagers, and almost divorced.

Daniel has achieved a total body transformation and was almost 300 pounds, and now he is 155 lbs. and under 10%body-fat. Daniel experienced a traumatic near-death electrical accident twice. With 3rd degree burns to his face and multiplied skin graft surgeries.

Daniel found his purpose in life. To tell his story and share his healing process through physical fitness and a strict diet. Daniel is now an online life coach, helping fellow humans gain self-confidence and mental strength through the same miracle morning process that he has adopted. Follow Daniel Spencer on Instagram https://instagram.com/reps.and.doubletime 

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