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Oct. 10, 2019

The Biology of Belief and Sobriety (How our thoughts change our genetic expression) + Affirmation

The Biology of Belief and Sobriety 
(How our thoughts change our genetic expression) + Affirmation

Welcome to the “Sober is Dope”’Podcast with your host, POP Buchanan. Thank you for joining us on this sacred voyage. We are proud of this sacred work. We are sacred energy. With new scientific evidence based on energy medicine, we now know that the mind, body, and soul all respond to positive thought reinforcements. With the help of Dr. Bruce Lipton and his new book "Biology of Belief", we have foundational evidence that our cells respond to our thoughts and emotional vibrations. With the work of sobriety activist and lyricist "POP Buchanan" and producer ED-APE, we bring you this scared tone of love, OM, solfeggio frequencies, ancestral drums and vibrational sounds. This original work was done in a fasted state (no food), under meditation and prayer. This is meant to be a sacred frequency of spiritual activation. This tool for subconscious reprogramming acts as a "Law of Attraction" device. This powerful work is intended to bring good energy, prosperity and love to the listener. POP Buchanan wanted to create this work as a generational gift that helps the listener with sobriety, confidence, hope and alignment. The "I AM that I AM" frequency is the highest universal frequency. This Divine tone helps with realignment and removal from fear based systems. We promote freedom, love, success, sobriety, health, energy medicine, pure mind, life and peace. This work is free. Please share this work and help us spread the word. For a free MP3 contact us at MONKHEALING@gmail.com For more information on Monk Healing and the SOBER Is DOPE movement go to http://Instagram.com/monkhealing You can find all of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work at www.BruceLipton.com Thank you Caroline McGraw for your excellent summary of the Biology of Belief - https://www.theclearingnw.com/blog/biology-of-belief-summary?hs_amp=true Disclaimer: We want to note that the use of the words "FEAR", "DISEASE" and "POVERTY", in this LAW of Attraction Device are solely intended to remove these energies from the mind and emotional matrix of the listener. We seal this powerful frequency with LOVE and the power of YHWH ELYON EL. This is a sacred instrument and should be used as such. God Bless ALL --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/soberisdope/message